Hanoi is Vietnam capital city. Compared to other provinces, cities in Vietnam, Hanoi is full of potential on tourism development.

In the city, along with architectural works, Hanoi is also own a museum system which is the most diverse in Vietnam. It has a great advantages to introduce Vietnamese culture to foreign visitors through folk theaters, traditional trade villages… Hanoi tourism is becoming more and more attractive to visitors.

Hanoi has been having diverse traditional trade villages which is shown by familliar idiom “36 Quarters of Hanoi”. Time to time, the urban apperance of Old Quarter has changed so much, but they still maintain their ancient names and trade & do bussiness traditional goods.

Thang Long – Hanoi which is one of three regions has lots of festivals in the North of Vietnam, along with Phu Tho and Kinh Bac region. It’s always considered as a place to gather the cultural quintessences of the North and the entire Vietnam. For thousands years, capital position has been making this city become a concentration of brilliant people, businessman, qualified artisan and craftsman.

As a cultural central of the whole North for centuries. You can find and enjoy dishes of many other regions in Hanoi,but Hanoi cuisine is also has its own distinctive features.

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